What to Expect

Dress Code:

Dress attire for the conference is business casual with the recommendation that presenters should plan for business professional during their presentations. The weather in Estes Park early June is pleasant with temperatures in the range of an average low of 43.7°F and an average high of 68.5°F.

Attendance :

Attendees are expected to attend as many presentations throughout the day to not only support their peers but aligns with our mission. 

Presentation Information:

  • Presentations will begin on-time.  Please do not enter a meeting room once the presentation has begun.
  • Each presentation is a maximum of 15 minutes with 5 minutes of Q & A following.  We encourage audience members to ask questions.
  • Moderators will provide a “1-minute” reminder to presenters at 14-minutes and if needed a “stop” notice at 15-minutes.  All sessions will be stopped at 20 minutes in order to stay on schedule. 
  • Each room will have a screen, projector, podium, laptop and slide advancer.
  • Each resident is to bring 15 copies of their final 1-page handout for the room moderator to pass out to the audience.
  • All residents and fellows should bring a back-up copy of their presentation on a USB drive.
  • No, speaker ready rooms will be available to practice.


Each attendee will complete an evaluation for each presentation they attend and evaluations will be sent electronically