Presentation requirements:

  1. Presentations will be capped at 15 minutes with a 5 minute follow up for question/answer session. Presenter moderators will actively time presentation length and will give a 1 minute warning at 14 minutes. At 15 minutes, the moderator will stop the presenter.
  2. Presentation should concisely describe the project as well as be practiced by the presenter prior to submission. Presentations should also be vetted and approved by project mentors.
  3. Files should be emailed to with the following file naming convention: Last Name_Abstract#_PresentationKeyWord.pptx by May 15th at 5pm (MST).
  4. Files should be no larger than 10 MB

Slide Requirements:

  1. Use of Microsoft Powerpoint to develop slides
  2. Abstract number should appear on every slide
  3. References should be included on the bottom of each slide as a footnote
  4. Slides that must be included:
    1. Title Slide: Title of the presentation, presenter’s full name and credentials, presenter’s position and name/location of residency program.
    2. Disclosure(s) slide: Conflicts of interest, IRB status, Co-investigators
    3. Facility slide
    4. Background
    5. Objectives (no more than 3)
    6. Methods
    7. Results
    8. Discussion
    9. Conclusion
    10. Questions and Contact slide
  5. Active learning techniques (Bloom Taxonomy) in presentation

Slide Formatting:

  1. Font size should not be smaller than 24 point for slide text as well as for tables, figures, and graphs and not smaller than 14 point font for footnote text
  2. All images, tables, figures, graphs should be referenced
  3. Slides should be formatted and proofread for spelling and grammar
  4. Slide background color and text color should be easy to read