Evaluation Form

Official evaluations will be conducted electronically on the day of the event.

Each presenter will be evaluated on a scale of 1 (unacceptable) to 5 (exceptional) in the following categories:

Background and reasons for research / project:

  • Relevant and adequate background
  • Clearly stated study objective(s).

Methods of the research project:

  • Methodology and study design appropriate to answer research question
  • Statistics appropriate for the study design

Results of the research project:

  • Results are presented appropriately, accurate for type of statistic
  • Relevant to pharmacy practice.

Discussion and Conclusion of the research project:

  • Discussion and conclusion match the results presented, are relevant to material presented
  • Applicability of this research to pharmacy practice

Resident Involvement in research project:

  • Presentation that the resident is knowledgeable about the project content
  • Evident the resident had a high level of involvement and interest in the project

Presenter’s overall presentation skills:

  • Eye contact, pace and volume where appropriate, clear speech, free of distracting mannerisms or repetitive fillers

Project presentation was organized and flowed well:

  • Orderly presentation: Background, objectives, study methods, study results, discussion and conclusions.  Transitions were smooth.

Presentation slides augmented overall presentation:

  • Clarity, conciseness, readability, free of errors/ typo’s etc

Presenter’s ability to verbalize information from slides to the audience:

  • Presenter’s ability to speak to information without relying on slide content
  • Ability to present information understandable to audience

Presenter’s ability to answer questions:

  • Presenter’s ability to answer the question presented based on their knowledge of the subject